To celebrate the last show on the Black Star Tour and the end of the Goodbye Lullaby Era, Avril Lavigne has released a music video for her song “Goodbye”. How fitting. Who’s excited? Can’t say I was, though it is a great track on the album. After Avril’s artistic and pretty, albeit slightly melodramatic “Wish You Were Here” video, I was expecting the same for this farewell ballad.

Seems like I was right. The album is quite artistic, with Avril looking quite great in Retro Glam make-up and hair. But beyond that, the video looks almost home-made (going for a more intimate feel), with mixed black and white segments of Avril in a hotel room. Not much happens, except the end when she starts crying. She’s quite dramatic when it comes to crying, as many astutely noted in her “Wish You Were Here” lonely-fest video.

But ultimately, the video is meant to bring closure to another era of Avril, who has changed considerably over the past few years. While some cite Goodbye Lullaby as being underrated, others missed the upbeat, let’s get drunk, “Girlfriend” Avril. Seen in this light, perhaps the simple “Goodbye” video is indeed a fitting end to this chapter.