Here’s a lesson in asking people what they listen to: having grown tired of my recent “Winter 2012” playlist filled with old summer releases and boring album fillers, I was ready for anything (including ballad-fied covers of rock songs, yes that bad). A friend sent me a link of a song by Johnny Flynn, and its a track that I’ve had on repeat for two days now. A track off their 2010 album “Been Listening”, the waltzy folk tune “The Water” features Laura Marling over a simple guitar. While the lyrics could easily have become overindulgent in river imagery, the simple melody takes the song in a different direction – it adds a complexity to the conflicting thoughts voiced, while creating movement with limited range. It is a great tune, -one that does not ride off the success of Damien Rice or Mumford & Sons – and I think I’ll soon be listening to the entire album.


And on a completely different note, I had to share this:

Tell me you don’t think that’s freaky. It’s like a Japanese Nicki Minaj…except freakier.