Freshly leaked only a few hours ago, here is my track-by-track review of MDNA by Madonna written as I listen to each track for the first time. I’m not the biggest fan of her, but since this is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year I thought I would give it a shot!

Girl Gone Wild – 6/10
Much catchier than Give Me All Your Luvin’ but not as good as some of her previous work, the track is a solid effort and single. It’s not really anything special but it has a catchy beat and chorus that will be fun in clubs. The music video was basically everything you can expect from a Madonna video. This song is very typical Top 40 in America – not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Gang Bang – 7/10
Love the haunting beats and backing track, as well as the breathy vocals. As I listen to the song, I’m hearing some build-up so am hoping for an explosive ending. The chorus is awesome – love the police car noises and the beat getting stronger. And there’s a dub-step breakdown! I can imagine this song having really cool choreography. Not sure if this song needed to be over 5 minutes – the buildup at the beginning took a little too long but the song overall is quite cool. The spoken outro is a little strange/unnecessary in my opinion, but I’m sure tons of people will say it’s the best part of the song.

I’m Addicted – 3/10
1 minute in and there’s nothing that really grabs me about this song just yet. No real tune yet…first impression is that it’s filler material. The backing track is quite cool but the tune is a bit boring. I’m not really feeling this song – there’s nothing about it that would make me want to listen to it again.

Turn Up The Radio – 5/10
This song has a great happy feel to it. Definitely one of those that everyone can jump to during the concert. The chorus is a little underwhelming melody-wise but the backing track is good. Again, the song doesn’t really go anywhere and doesn’t have anything too memorable about it. Another filler track, though I imagine it sounding better with a live band.

Give Me All Your Luvin’ – 6/10
Catchy, but didn’t really meet the high expectations I had for Madonna’s Super Bowl single. The Nicki Minaj and MIA features are only OK. The cheerleader bits are kind of annoying, but the chorus is simple and memorable. The music video is interesting and definitely made me like the song a bit more. It’s ironic that she says something about how all the songs sound the same so we need to step into her world…..based on what I’ve heard so far, all these songs are pretty typical and what I expected from her.

Some Girls – 5/10
The backing tracks throughout this album so far have definitely been of really high quality and are very consistent. The song has a simple chorus and is OK….not that memorable.

Superstar – 8/10
Oooh I’m liking this! This song has stuck out the most to me so far….the melody is catchy and I like the feel. “Oooh la la you’re my superstar…” Loving the drums after the first chorus as well. This is definitely one of the highlights for me so far. It’s still not the best song I’ve heard from Madonna, but at least it’s memorable and fun.

I Don’t Give A – 7/10
Loving this musical intro…and the lyrics are pretty good too. The melody of the verses are a little annoying but as a whole the song has a good structure and it has a cool feel. I like the middle 8 a lot and the little breakdown afterwards. Nicki’s rap verse here is better than the one in Give Me All Your Luvin’ and I love her saying BITCH at the end of it. The outro is quite epic…Madonna must have had some anger to let out for this release!

I’m A Sinner – 4/10
Filler. Nothing special – no real melody or build in the song. The verse about Mary/Jesus etc. is interesting and the whole part after that is a bit more unique…but the song as a whole is just kind of “meh.” And it feels waaayy too long.

Love Spent – 6/10
Love the intro and backing track. Interesting lyrics. The whole feel of this song is quite cool. Again, the backing track is better than the melody itself. These banjo bits are the best part of the song.

Masterpiece – 6/10
I was looking forward to a slower song! Has quite a heavy/haunting feel. Not the best moody ballad I’ve heard but it’s decent. The melody of the verses remind me of something but I can’t think what….I like all the harmonies in the song. I wish it had more buildup.

Falling Free – 8/10
Great intro, the strings are a nice addition after so many synths throughout the album. I’m quite liking this so far….simple melody with a building orchestral backing track. Great end to the album!

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The album is pretty much what I expected – nothing was mindblowing. None of the songs made me like Madonna any more than I did before. I definitely appreciate her as a great performer and a distinctive voice…but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to replay this album or paying thousands to see her anytime soon.