Anthony Callea is one of the best modern male singers I have ever heard. He got his start through Australian Idol, and his first independent release is the EP, “Last To Go.” Before I review each track, please hear his amazing voice in action during his breakout Idol performance of “The Prayer.”

OK, now on to his EP. Anthony had released his last album, “A New Chapter,” in 2006 and I was really excited that he finally released something new. The EP is available on iTunes worldwide and includes 7 tracks.

Last To Go – 8/10
This song is a decent single – it’s got a good tune and is fun to sing along to. It’s not mindblowingly original, but it’s a simple pop song that is a natural progression from some of Anthony’s more upbeat songs from the last two albums. His voice is still just as great as it used to be and this song definitely showcases his range to the fullest. Though it’s about partying, I like that the beat isn’t just a generic club beat and is more of a song that is perfect to sing along to in the car.

Oh Oh Oh Oh – 6/10
When I first heard this song from Anthony, I was a little thrown off because it was so dance-y compared to all of his previous stuff. It’s a fun song that seems to be written to get the crowd going at a concert. However, I think that Anthony is stronger with rock/pop style songs than songs in the dance genre. The backing track has great production though and it’s interesting hearing Anthony’s versatility. I definitely prefer the acoustic version featured at the end of the EP. Anthony Callea definitely does NOT need autotune.

Tangled – 8/10
Yay! A ballad! Anthony’s voice is really emotive and always sounds great with slower songs. This song has a pretty melody and a good chorus. This is definitely one of my favorites off the EP. I love that it was inspired by the Disney movie of the same title too! I love the strong drums in the backing track and the subtle build-up throughout the song.

Last Night – 4/10
This is my least favorite off the EP. The music and lyrics are a little too generic and I know that Anthony can do better! This is another dancier track, but not as catchy as “Oh Oh Oh Oh.” This is definitely more of a filler than the other tracks on the album. Even though dance music is the big thing right now, I preferred the sound that “Last To Go” had –  it was still danceable but didn’t take it one step further to using generic club beats.

I Don’t Care What You Say – 7/10
Love this backing track – sounds great with headphones. This is definitely more the direction I think Anthony should pursue – just a good simple pop song. The lyrics have a good message as well and the verses have a great melody. Again, not mindblowing but still a decent song!

Last To Go (Acoustic) – 8/10
I love Anthony’s voice so much. I am so glad that he included acoustic versions of the singles because they really show how great his voice is, which is something I think might be slightly lost throughout the EP. This definitely adds some depth to the song and I love how he uses so many different tones in his voice.

Oh Oh Oh Oh (Acoustic) – 8.5/10
So much better than the actual track in my opinion! It’s got a great groove to it during the verses and there is so much more depth and interesting moments throughout it. Great end to the EP.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: It’s a solid EP and I am so happy to get new music from Anthony. None of the songs are absolutely amazing, but it’s a good comeback after such a huge hiatus and I hope that he has something up his sleeve so he can be more popular both in Australia and in more markets around the world. I hope he keeps his roots as a pop singer and doesn’t transcend too deep into dance music. There’s enough of that now and his voice is too great to be drowned out by generic club beats.

Oh Oh Oh Oh (Acoustic) Live at The Circle

Last To Go – Behind The Scenes