As an angst-y kid, I liked Linkin Park. And then they kind of did their thing with Transformers, and then Chester appeared in that last Saw movie; I wasn’t too crazy about it all, and they kind of fell off my radar (though I did like their cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep – youtube it). But I think everyone needs to check out their new single “Burn It Down” which will appear on their album “Living Things” when it comes out June 26. This is a much fresher sound than their last album – the track has an electro vibe that keeps things relevant. At the same time, it keeps the elements that have contributed to their prior success. The band brings an industrial sound to a track – in these situations there is sometimes a risk of becoming too monotonous and heavy. In this case, it kind of makes you want to go out and run (or at least that’s what I feel). Furthermore, Mike and Chester both sound great, together creating that destructive/futile dynamic the lyrics suggest. I’m impressed, what are your thoughts?