I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed by “Payphone” when I first heard it yesterday. However, after listening to it a couple of times and watching Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa perform the song on The Voice last night, I have to admit it has grown on me. It definitely isn’t the best song Maroon 5 have ever done (I much prefer previous lead singles “Makes Me Wonder” or “Misery”) but it has a good melody and it’s different from their past releases. I don’t think Wiz Khalifa’s feature was necessary or that it adds much to the song, but his verse isn’t awful. The lyrics are great and are one of the song’s strong points. In addition, the slow buildup of the instrumental is subtle and powerful at the same time. Though the song is slightly underwhelming, I still look forward to a great new album from the band (Overexposed is out on June 26) and am still a fan. Check out the lyric video below! What do you think of the new single?