As B.o.B. prepares to launch his sophomore album “Strange Clouds” on May 1st, I thought I’d give give you my thoughts on B.o.B.’s new collaboration with Taylor Swift. I think it has a bit more weight than “Airplanes” from two years ago, allowing the track to deliver that “It doesn’t matter if you’re an underdog, keep trying” message more effectively. The track blends both artists’ styles well, and even though Taylor Swift’s parts (the chorus) consist of her singing the same two lines over again –  there is great build up; the rap bits makes each successive chorus soar higher. It will probably come up as a single, especially since Taylor Swift is on the track (and what is she not on these days). So check this out below, I don’t think we will be disappointed when the full album comes out in May (can you believe it, that’s only 2 weeks away!)