Carrie Underwood Blown Away

This single took me by surprise (yes I was Blown Away...ha…ha…ha…) , and I’m completely sold. This is a new sound for Carrie Underwood – it’s raw and dark (And much more powerful than a “you cheated on me so I’m going to wreck your car” way). You can hear the spite and vengeance linger as she whispers the story of a young girl with an abusive father. As usual her vocals are strong, and her cries seem to create the image of the swirling storm mentioned in the lyrics. She reveals another tone to her voice that I’ve never heard before in the bridge between verse and chorus, and it’s chilling. I have not listened to the full album yet (I wasn’t crazy about the first single, “Good Girl”), but I will definitely do so now. I’m definitely willing to say that I think this is the best single she’s ever had. You can also check out a free stream of the entire album on iTunes.