Alphabeat – A brilliant Danish pop band with both male and female lead vocalists, killer melodies and a pure and cheerful sound that references the 80s/90s. I had first heard about them when they were announced as one of Lady Gaga’s opening acts for her Monster Ball Tour in the UK. I looked them up out of curiosity and loved everything I found. Both of their albums (“This is Alphabeat” and “The Beat Is…”) have some fantastic songs and I definitely think they are an underrated pop gem that more people need to take notice of. Now before getting to the rest of this spotlight feature, check out Alphabeat’s newest single, “Vacation,” which is available on iTunes everywhere and is off their upcoming album!

Wasn’t that awesome? It’s just pure pop that is fun to listen and sing along to. Anyway…back to the spotlight! A few things I love about Alphabeat:

  1. The Voices –  Anders SG and Stine Bramsen, the two lead singers of Alphabeat, have awesome voices. They are clear, distinctive and blend extremely well together. Having such strong vocalists allows the band the freedom to experiment with different ways to to combine their voices, which leads to an interesting and diverse album.
  2. A Cool Sound – Alphabeat have a unique sound that utilizes strong beats, synths and electro sounds. All of their music is fun and reminds me of music from the 80s and 90s. Their lyrics are simple and easy to sing along to. Their albums are perfect for a variety of settings – the gym, in the car and at parties.
  3. Live Performance Abilities – Not only do Alphabeat sound great on record…they can also play extremely well live! I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them in person just yet (hopefully soon!) but all of their performances I have seen on YouTube are brilliant. Their music is fun and perfect for concerts on record already – but when they perform live, the band brings out levels and depth to the music that makes every song even better. Even acoustic, Stine and Anders handle their vocals brilliantly and present the songs in a different light.

Now let’s delve more into Alphabeat’s actual music catalogue. Here is my list of Top 10 Alphabeat songs (in no particular order)!

  1. Hole In My Heart
    My absolute favorite from their second album. A great video, great melody, great vocals…and it’s awesome both acoustically and on record. I love the play between the male/female lyrics and the 90s feel to the song. Along with the official video below, I have to link the acoustic version Stine and Anders performed for ITN! Check them out:
  2. Into The Jungle
    One of the highlights of the first album, this song has an awesome electric guitar hook (and solo in the middle) and has a rockier feel to it. The chorus and lyrics are brilliant – who doesn’t love a song that includes lyrics about lions, elephants, strippers and an eskimo?
  3. Go-Go
    A brilliant combination of funk, pop and dance. The song has a disco-y feel and fits Stine’s vocals perfectly. The song is fun to sing along to and the chorus has some perfect harmonies. I love Anders’ bridge with Stine’s “what do you do”s…one of the songs that had me clicking replay for a long while…
  4. DJ
    One of the singles off of “The Beat Is…”  DJ is one of the more basic Alphabeat songs, but Anders and Stine’s vocals really make the song special and different from every other pop song referencing DJs. It has a carefree vibe and is all about having fun. Check out the official video!
  5. Boyfriend
    This is one of Alphabeat’s first singles. The original version (featured in the official video) is a bit more basic in terms of production, while the updated version on the album is a little faster with more intricate production. Either way, the song is extremely catchy and is one of the songs that really plays well with using both female and male vocals. Stine leads while Anders does his response through the middle 8. Check out both versions below! The music video is low-budget but creative and fun to watch.
  6. The Right Thing
    An album track from “The Beat Is…” that has a cool piano base and a thumping beat. Another head bopper with an easy sing-along chorus and great vocals from both Stine and Anders. The song’s production always stands out to me…each time I listen to the song I pick up on something different in the instrumental. This song was picked to be on one of Abercrombie & Fitch’s Spring Break playlists.
  7. 10,000 Nights
    One of Alphabeat’s happiest songs. It has a cute melody and a solid instrumental. It is also one of Alphabeat’s biggest hits and has a great video. Another track I had on repeat for a long time!
  8. Always Up With You
    This one is another favorite off the second album, “The Beat Is…” It has both a great beat and moody breakdown moments. The song features Anders SG on lead vocals and is perfect to bop your head along to (a common element of Alphabeat songs).
  9. What Is Happening?
    This song has arguably one of the best Alphabeat choruses. Even the way it is produced, it’s just asking for you to sing along! It starts off a little slower than other Alphabeat songs, but has a great moment where it picks up in the middle and completely changes from its chill feel to a really upbeat clap-along beat. Anders sounds great on the verses and I love all of the harmonies. The video is another fun one to watch as well!
  10. Vacation
    I already showed you this song before since it’s their new single, but I love it! It’s everything that I wanted from a new Alphabeat single and I seriously can’t wait for their new album. It’s fun and perfect for the summer. The production has an 80s feel and the chorus is of course fun and sing along to like all the songs in the rest of the list. This time check out a performance the band did of the song on Danish X Factor!

So what do you think of Alphabeat? I hope I have converted some of you readers because they are honestly brilliant and deserve all of the success in the world. Anyone who loves pop music will appreciate the awesomeness that is Alphabeat.