Melanie C was always my favorite Spice Girl and I have followed her solo career since it started. All of her albums have some quality songs on them and I definitely think she is an underrated singer. I’m glad she has continued to release music through her own label and has found success around Europe. I was excited to hear that she was releasing a live DVD featuring songs from her latest album, “The Sea,” because I think she is great live and always makes the songs more special.

The DVD, filmed during the first three nights of her tour, perfectly captures Melanie C live – raw and fun. The production is kept quite simple (no obvious autotune or post-production) and the setlist has a good range of material from her back catalogue.

Beginning with a medley of “Rock Me” and “Yeh Yeh Yeh,” the show starts off with a bang. Melanie’s band is awesome and with the addition of two background singers, the sound is even fuller and bigger than before. I loved Melanie’s first concert DVD (it was broken up into half acoustic and half electric, which really showcased Melanie’s abilities) but this one definitely showcases her live abilities even better.

I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Melanie live myself (I’ve seen the Spice Girls but not Melanie by herself) but the simplicity in filming and production definitely makes me feel like I am right there with her. Highlights from the show include older singles “Here It Comes Again” and “Never Be The Same Again” (still one of my absolute favorites) as well as tracks from “The Sea” such as “All About You” and “Weak.” It was fun to see Melanie whip out the guitar for the very first time while playing “Burn,” one of my favorites from the new album.

The encore begins with a fun version of “Stupid Game” that samples “Tainted Love” and sounds even better live than on the record. While sporting her signature pony tail, she ends with a rocking version of “I Turn To You” and “First Day Of My Life.” In addition to the show, the DVD also includes The Sea EPK and a bonus track called “Too Soon.”

I am so glad that Melanie released a DVD from this tour – her voice has definitely gotten even better since appearing in a musical and the new songs are top notch. I hope she continues to release more music and that I get a chance to see her at some point! Best of luck to her and hope she gains some new fans with this album as she does some festivals around Europe!

Check out the full concert on Melanie’s YouTube channel here: