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Cheryl!!! I was so excited to see this video….and it kind of lived up to my expectations. She looks AMAZING and I love that it was filmed at the same place as Grease. The mirror scenes are awesome and she has a great energy when she dances. But I really wish she had a different choreographer – this song has so much more potential than just doing the shuffle in twenty different directions. I do still love the song though and I hope it helps get her more attention around the world! She seriously just oozes star quality and I’m excited to see her perform the song.


C: Cheryl (Cole?) is back! Although I would have preferred an earlier start to the Girls Aloud reunion instead of Cheryl’s new album, I am excited to hear what she comes up with. “Call My Name,” produced¬† by Calvin Harris (of “We Found Love” fame), is pretty much what I expected – dancey with a killer chorus. Based on my first few listens, I think “Fight For This Love” and “Promise This” were stronger lead singles, but I’m sure this song will grow on me as the video is released and she performs it. The chorus is perfect – catchy, good lyrics and deep production. However, the verses are slightly disappointing. The melody is kind of weird and a bit of a non-event, and the layering of her vocals is kind of weird. I also think the song is missing a bridge and/or breakdown to help build the song because it’s a little same-y throughout. Overall though, a solid effort from Cheryl and I look forward to see what else she has come up with for the album. I’m sure the video for this track is going to be awesome as well!

D: I think this is a fun track, but I can’t help but feel like it sounds like a Remix of an original track, or a David Guetta-collaboration (I guess the fact that it was produced by Calvin Harris explains it). The beat in the chorus is getting a bit old for me, and it kind of overpowers Cheryl’s vocals. Cheryl has a very unique voice, and it doesn’t always work on every song – in this case it is sent into the background underneath layers of production; I don’t even find myself listening to what the lyrics are saying. It’s as if it should be Calvin Harris feat. Cheryl. However, I will admit that the chorus is catchy and will no doubt be heard in clubs throughout the UK this summer. That being said, I was hoping for something more unique and original – I felt “Promise This” delivered that as did “Fight for this Love”. But I guess the whole Ibiza vibe/Calvin Harris (or David Guetta) beat formula is popular these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of Cheryl, I just hope the album brings more to the the table than this track.